IFBB Elite Pro Nafplio, President Santonja Cup
5.-8.4.2019 - (Nafplio - Greece ) IFBB

Number of contestants - 171,
Number of categories together - 27

Master Men’s Physique over 40 years,Men’s Physique up to 173cm,Men’s Physique up to 179cm,Men’s Physique over 179cm,Men’s Physique Overall,Junior Women’s Bikini-Fitness Open,Women’s Bodyfitness Open,Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness +35 years, up to 163cm,Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness +35 years, over 163cm,Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness +35 years, Overall,Master Women’s Bodyfitness +35 years, Open,Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 40 years,Men’s Classic Physique Open,Muscular Men’s Physique Open,Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Open,Master Men’s Bodybuilding +40 years, Open,Women’s Wellness Fitness Open,Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 160cm,Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 164cm,Women’s Bikini-Fitness up to 169cm,Women’s Bikini-Fitness over 169cm,Women’s Bikini-Fitness Overall,Men’s Bodybuilding up to 80kg,Men’s Bodybuilding up to 85kg,Men’s Bodybuilding up to 100kg,Men’s Bodybuilding over 100kg,Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

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