Electronic registration for - DANOX Natural Cup
11.10.2014, Choceň (ČSNS)

 Number of categories together - 13 

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Men's Bodybuilding Teen 15-18 years,
Men's Bodybuilding Junior 18-21 years,
Men's Natural Bodybuilding up to 180cm,
Men's Natural Bodybuilding over 180cm,
Men's Natural Bodybuilding Masters 40-50 years,
Men's Natural Bodybuilding Masters 50-60 years,
Men's Physique,
Women's Bikini Diva's up to 167cm,
Women's Bikini Diva's over 167cm,
Women's Fitness Figure,
Women's Physique,
Women's Sports Model up to 165cm,
Women's Sports Model over 165cm,

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