Elektronická prihláška na - Grand Prix Slovakia
14.10.2017, Nitra (Dávid Gál)

 Počet kategórií spolu - 25 

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Muži Kulturistika Dorast 15-18 rokov,
Muži Kulturistika Junior 18-23 rokov, do 176cm,
Muži Kulturistika Junior 18-23 rokov, nad 176cm,
Muži Naturálna kulturistika do 175cm,
Muži Naturálna kulturistika do 180cm,
Muži Naturálna kulturistika nad 180cm,
Muži Naturálna kulturistika Masters 40-50 rokov,
Muži Naturálna kulturistika Masters nad 50 rokov,
Mr. Physique do 182cm,
Mr. Physique nad 182cm,
Mr. Physique do 23 rokov,
Ženy Fitness Bikini do 163cm,
Ženy Fitness Bikini do 167cm,
Ženy Fitness Bikini nad 167cm,
Ženy Fitness Bikini do 23 rokov, do 164cm,
Ženy Fitness Bikini do 23 rokov, nad 164cm,
Ženy Fitness Figura do 165cm,
Ženy Fitness Figura nad 165cm,
Ženy Fitness Figura nad 35 rokov,
Ženy Šport Model do 167cm,
Ženy Šport Model nad 167cm,
Ženy Šport Model nad 35 rokov,
Fitness deti do 10 rokov,
Fitness deti nad 10 rokov,
Muži Telesne postihnutý,

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1. I herebysolemnlydeclarethatduring my preparationforthiscompetition, organised by the Slovak Association of NaturalBodybuilding (a civic association withregisteredoffice at Štefánikova 20, 07101 Michalovce, entity identificationnumber (IČO): 45009660) (hereinafteronlyreferred to as „SANK“), I onlyusednutritionalfoodsupplementsfree of anysubstancesprohibitedfortheir doping effects and I didnotuseany doping substances of thefollowinggroups: anabolicagents, peptidehormones, growthfactors, hormone and metabolicmodulators, diuretics and stimulants or anyotherprohibitedsubstancesincluded on the 2016 Prohibited List of Substances and Methods as stipulatedby theWorldAnti-Doping Agency (WADA, www.wada-ama.org). I herebyconsent to undergoing a doping control in compliancewithanti-doping regulations set undertheWorldAnti-Doping Code and (Slovak) Act No. 440/2015 Coll. on sports and on amendments to certainacts. I alsoagree to therules of competitionapplicable to contestants as laiddown in SANK resolution No. 3/2015 of 1 September 2015.

2. I herebyacknowledgethatshould my doping test bepositive, I willbedisqualifiedfromthecompetition, I willbebannedfromparticipating in anyothercompetitions and contestsorganised by SANK and I maybecomesubject to possibleadditionalsanctionspursuant to theapplicablelegislation of the Slovak Republic. In thecase of a positiveresult of my doping control, I herebyagree and undertake to reimburse SANK forallthecostsincurred in relationwiththeperformance of the doping controlprocedure and a subsequentinvestigationnotlaterthanwithin 30 days of the end of disciplinaryproceedings, includingthecosts of a sample„A“analysis and, ifapplicable, anadvancepaymentfor a sample„B“analysisif I haverequestedthelatter.

3. I fullyagreewithalltherepresentations I havemadeabove and in witnessthereof.

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