Elektronische Anmeldung auf - 6. GNBF International Natural Bodybuilding German Championships
09.-10.10.2021, Potpourri, Bad Fallingbostel, Germany (GNBF e.V.)
German Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
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– Athletik - Overall winner
– Classic Physique - Overall winner
– Natural Bodybuilding - Overall winner
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior - Overall winner
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters - Overall winner
– Physique - Overall winner
– Bikini Diva's - Overall winner
– Fitness Figure - Overall winner


– Athletik - I. (height)
– Athletik - II. (height)
– Classic Physique - I. (height)
– Classic Physique - II. (height)
– Classic Physique Junior
– Natural Bodybuilding - I. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - II. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - III. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - IV. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - V. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - VI. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding - VII. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding Teen
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior - I. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior - II. (height)
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters
– Natural Bodybuilding Grand Masters
– Natural Bodybuilding Ultra Masters
– Physique - I. (height)
– Physique - II. (height)
– Physique - III. (height)
– Physique Junior
– Physique Masters


– Bodybuilding
– Bikini Diva's - I. (height)
– Bikini Diva's - II. (height)
– Bikini Diva's - III. (height)
– Bikini Diva's Junior
– Bikini Diva's Masters
– Fitness Figure
– Fitness Figure Masters
– Physique
– Sports Model

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Hereby I am officially registering myself to compete at GNBF Championships.

I confirm that I haven`t violated the GNBF list of forbidden substances Link: https://www.gnbf.net/anti-doping/alles-zum-thema-anti-doping/anti-doping-regeln-listen/) and haven`t used any of such named substances and methods within the last 12 years.

I assure that I am full-aged. In case I am not 18 years of age competing I will send a statement of agreement signed by my legal guardians to E-Mail: sekretariat@gnbf.de If I don´t do this, I am not eligible to compete.

At the day of signing in (visit www.gnbf.net for further information) for the Championships I will show my valid GNBF Membership-Card or my valid Membership-Card of an internationally Natural Bodybuilding-Federation affiliated to INBA to the GNBF staff. Payment of Entry Fee and GNBF Membership Fee (if not paid until the day of signing in) in cash only.

As a "Newcomer" (Novice) I agree, that I never started before on any other contest.
I agree, that I accept the criterias of the categories. More information on the website gnbf.net/meisterschaften/klassen-wertungskriterien/

I agree that GNBF electronically stores and uses my personal data to be able to fulfill contest organization.

I confer that GNBF is fully allowed to use all Video- and Fotos of myself taken at the Championships to its full extent, i.e. publishing on the Internet like on www.gnbf.net, Flickr, You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Contest Poster etc. I further agree that GNBF is allowed to publish my full name on the Results-Sheet that is shown after the Championships on www.gnbf.net. And via the Internet. I have the right to revoke my confirmation at any time precedent to the Championships and am aware that by doing so, I will not be allowed to compete at he Contest.

I fully accept Privacy Policy-Guidelines published on GNBF-Website.

I fully accept GNBF Anti-Doping-Rules and GNBF List of forbidden Substances and declare that I have not violated against each of them https://www.gnbf.net/anti-doping/alles-zum-thema-anti-doping/anti-doping-regeln-listen/)

I am aware of the fact, that I am subject of possible, anannounced drug-testing even if am not yet a member of GNBF.

I agree that my personal FFMI-Index (Fat Free Body Mass – Index) is measured during signing in for the Championships. If my FFMI exceeds 26,0 I am not allowed to compete at the show Exception: For „Men`s Classic Physique-Category FFMI higher than 23,0 is not accepted. In case that GNBF refuses my participation as an athlete at the Championships, I have no legal claims against GNBF that stand in any connection with the GNBF Championship like financial damage claim in case of traveling costs, hotel booking, Tanning-Costs etc.

I agree, that in case that I got tested positive for usage of any forbidden substance or forbidden method I will instantly loose my GNBF Membership Status and that I am banned for life regarding competing in future GNBF Championships. Furthermore, I accept that I have to pay for all costs in conjunction with drug-Testing if my drug-test shows a positive result.

I agree that GNBF does not take any responsibilty for personal damage of my participation at the GNBF Championships that stand in connection with my preparation for the contest or are directly connected with myself competing at the GNBF Championships.

Due to Covid-19-Pandemic I agree that it can come to restrictions as well as changes in organization schedule of the GNBF Championships in 2021. In case german authorities will forbid the realisation of the Championship or due to financial aspects, GNBF has the right to cancel the Championships. Therefore Participation at GNBF Championships can not be assured. If Championship is cancelled GNBF does not take any liability for financial losses of persons involved with the Championships (i.e. Athletes, Coaches, Audience etc.)      

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