Elektronische Anmeldung auf - 6. GNBF International Natural Bodybuilding German Championships 2021
29.05.2021, Oldenburg, Germany (GNBF e.V.)
German Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
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– Natural Bodybuilding - Overall winner
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior - Overall winner
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters - Overall winner
– Physique - Overall winner
– Bikini Diva's - Overall winner
– Fitness Figure - Overall winner


– Athletik
– Classic Physique
– Natural Bodybuilding up to 170cm
– Natural Bodybuilding 170.1-175cm
– Natural Bodybuilding 175.1-180cm
– Natural Bodybuilding 180.1-185cm
– Natural Bodybuilding over 185.1cm
– Natural Bodybuilding Teen up to 18 years
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior up to 23 years, up to 175cm
– Natural Bodybuilding Junior up to 23 years, over 175.1cm
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters 40-49 years
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters 50-59 years
– Natural Bodybuilding Masters over 60 years
– Physique up to 177cm
– Physique 177.1-182cm
– Physique over 182.1cm
– Physique Junior up to 23 years
– Physique Masters over 40 years


– Bodybuilding
– Bikini Diva's up to 170cm
– Bikini Diva's over 170.1cm
– Bikini Diva's Junior up to 23 years
– Bikini Diva's Masters over 40 years
– Fitness Figure
– Fitness Figure Masters over 35 years
– Physique
– Sports Model

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Hereby I confirm my entry application to compete as an athlete at the 6th GNBF international German Championships 2021.  I declare that I haven`t taken any forbidden substances related to the GNBF Anti-Doping-List for a minimum time span of 12 years prior to the 6th GNBF international German Championships 2021. That means I don`t took any forbidden substances like anabolic steroids, growth hormons, diuretics and stimulants for at least since 29th, May 2010. Furthermore I agree to accept all paragraphs and regulations that are part of GNBF Anti-Doping-Rules  https://www.gnbf.net/anti-doping/alles-zum-thema-anti-doping/anti-doping-regeln-listen/)

I  agree that I will be choosen for possible drug-Testing by the GNBF (Urinalysis, Blood, Hair) according to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI) of the World Anti-Doping-Agency (WADA). Drug-Testing will be done by the Institute GQS (Global Quality Sports).  Further informations regarding this issue can be found under number 5.1 of GNBF Anti-Doping-Rules on www.gnbf.de  Violation of GNBF Anti-Doping-Rules leads to annulation of my placing in the competiton.  In case the result of my drug is positive, I agree to get banned  for lifetime from GNBF membership and that I will be not allowed to compete anymore in GNBF Competitions.

I accept that during the registration the FFMI (Fat Free Body Mass Index is measured. if my FFMI exceed a measuring of 26.0 i am not allowed to compete. In case that I plan to compete in the Men`s Classic  Physique-Division I accept that  I will be not allowed to compete if my FFMI exceeds a measuring of 23.0 In case the measuring of my FFMI exceeds 26.0 respectively 23.0 I have no compensation claim against GNBF like refund of expenses for example for traveling costs, flight costs, hotel costs, tanning costs and any costs that are affiliated with my preparation and traveling to compete at the 6. GNBF international German Championships

At the day of signing in for the Championships I will show my GNBF-Membership-Card or the   Membership-Card of another Natural Bodybuilding-Federation affiliated to Elite Tour or INBA. If I do not have any membership card, I can purchase GNBF-Membership-Card and Elite Tour Membership-Card at the day of signing in for the Championships. All fees in conjunction with purchasing a membership-card can only be paid in cash.  

I declare beeing of legal age. In case that I am younger than 18 years of age, I will send a statement of a agreement to GNBF via E-Mail to sekretariat@gnbf.de This statement of agreement shall approve my participation as an athlete and is signed by my parents. If I miss to do this within a maximum time span of 24 hours after my entry application for the contest,  I will not be allowed to compete.

I agree, that GNBF records and uses my personal data to fulfill needed tasks for organizing the 6. GNBF international German Championships 2021.   I agree,  that pictures and videos of mine taken in conjunction of competing at the 6. GNBF international German Championships can be used by GNBF free of charge and time restricitons regarding publishing in the Internet (i.e. Facebook and/or Instagram),  on www.gnbf.de, within books, on contest poster, as part of video-documentations about Natural Bodybuilding etc… I can cancel this approval anytime within the future. If I will do so, I confirm that I will be not eligible to compete as an athlete at 6th GNBF international German Championships.  I agree with the data protection regulations that can be seen on www.gnbf.de

In consideration of my accepting this entry, I hereby intend to be legally bound for myself, my  heirs, executors and administrators, and waive and release any and all rights and claims for damage I may have against the GNBF and any and all of their sponsors, agents, representatives and assignees for any and all injuries and/or losses suffered by me as a result of my participation and/or attendance at the 6th GNBF international German Championships.

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