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INBA Romanian National & International...Bucharest (RO)INBA
Arnold Classic Europe IFBB Elite ProBarcelona (ES)IFBB
World Men ChampionshipBenidorm (ES)IFBB
IFBB Elite Pro CancunCancun (MX)IFBB
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Elite Tour competitions

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Dear athletes,
The new season is just around the corner and so are the Elite Tour competitions.
We’re starting all over again which means you all have the same chance at being at the top of the rankings and win the trip to Natural Olympia.

First chance for collecting some points will be in Romania on September 22!
After Romania, we can meet in Hungary on October 6. The last stop for Elite Tour competitions will be in Malaga, Spain on October 13, and as always, to end the european fall season on high note, we invite you all to the European Championships in Hungary on October 27. Of course, you all are welcome to join the 2018 Elite Tour team and experience the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas, USA!

 www-link sign up here

In case of any question contact us at inbaglobaleurope@gmail.com
Looking forward to see you on stage!

INBA Romanian National & International Championships 2018

- Aktuality

First time in history of natural bodybuilding, INBA come to Romania!
The President of INBA Romania, Adrian Sveduneac, organizes an international competition which is part of the Elite Tour.

Bucharest, Romania

22 September 2018

INBA Romanian National & International Championships 2018 – Electronic registration

facebook-logo www.facebook.com/events/495912394160789/

Victoria Natural Cup 2018 – Viničné

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13.10.2018 – Electronic registrationVictoria Natural Cup, Viničné (ŠK PowerFit Bratislava , SANK)
– for all the competitors

Organizer: Iveta Hauserová, ŠK PowerFit Bratislava – SANK
Tel. kontakt: 0911 927 533, ivetfit@gmail.com

facebook-logo www.facebook.com/naturalcupSkpowerfit/

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